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Preventive Maintenance


Mr. D RV is a professional RV service company. We offer a variety of basic RV preventive maintenance services to keep your Recreational Vehicle and its components operating at peak efficiency.  The services listed are our most popular.  We also maintain trim, sealants, lights, awnings, slides, and more.  We will also check the life-safety items of your RV.  If you have a maintenance need not listed here, please call us to discuss your needs.

Air Conditioning

As part of the A/C maintenance , we'll:

  • Clean A/C return air filter

  • Inspect A/C roof unit:

    • Shroud

    • Condenser fins​

    • Evaporator fins

    • ​Straighten and clean condenser/evaporator fins as needed

  • Perform efficiency tests:

    • Delta T

    • Compressor voltage

    • Compressor amperage


As part of the Furnace maintenance, we'll inspect and clean:

  • Burner assembly

  • Starter electrode (adjust if necessary)

  • Combustion chamber

  • Fan motor

  • Blower wheel

  • Accessible vent tubes and outer casing (for any debris or insect nests)

Water Heater

As part of the water heater maintenance, we'll:​

  • Inspect pressure relief valve

  • Drain and flush water heater tank

  • Inspect anode rod in Suburban water heaters and replace if needed

  • Inspect burner assembly and electrodes - remove debris and adjust as necessary

  • Check for proper operation (heats water)

  • Test RV water heater and confirm that it is running at peak efficiency


Make sure your RV is ready for the winter cold by protecting the water lines.  Our Winterization Service includes:

  • Drain water from tanks (fresh tank and water heater) and lines

  • Remove water filter (if equipped)

  • Remove anode rod

  • Bypass water heater

  • Place RV antifreeze in water lines

  • Add RV antifreeze to p-traps and toilet bowl(s)

  • Add RV antifreeze to gray and black tanks (tanks need to be emptied by the owner before arrival)

Roof Inspection

 As part of the Roof Inspection, we'll inspect:​

  • Roof condition

  • Sealants on

    • Trim rail and seals

    • Front/rear caps

    • Vents/sky lights

    • Air Conditioners

    • Antenna

    • Ladder (if equipped)

    • Other roof mounted items

As Part of the de-winterizing service, we'll:

  • Flush antifreeze out of water lines/fixtures

  • Clean debris from water heater tank (if present)

  • Inspect drain plug/anode rod

  • Un-bypass water heater, bleed air pockets from water lines

  • We Recommend Sanitizing the entire fresh water system to start the season

Payment is due at the time service is provided.  Mr. D RV accepts cash, but we do not accept checks.  We use Square to accept all major credit cards, as well as contactless payment from wireless devices.  

Forms of credit card and contactless payment accepted
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